One-minute-long music videos with strange psychedelic atmosphere and lo-fi flow are made by Russian underground musician Vitaly Yurtaev working under artist moniker Rebenok ("a child" in Russian). All the videos of the project are based on scrupulously edited and rearranged "video garbage" — vintage porn footages, rare commercials and lost soviet cartoons from USSR television.

Originally, those videos were used as part of Rebenok's live AV-performances on Russian underground techno parties. The author put them on Instagram, mainly, to show off and impress a couple of friends and his girlfriend's mother. Now he became a very first Instagram musician who turned the social network based on selfies and food pics to his own odd way to music publishing platform — no labels, no stores, youtube or iTunes — only lo-fi music videos not longer than one minute.

Videosampling corresponds to well-known sampling technique in music production, a way to create music using big and small cuts of other people's records, usually pretty rare and uncommon ones. All the videos and music of it onomatopoeically named on transliterated Russian words originally written in Cyrillic letters. So, all the names are unique and almost untranslatable, nevertheless, strongly connected with the music videos. For example, video with dancers dressed in fur coats name "Shuba" by the Russian word signifying long and warm coats made of fur.