Oskar Metsavaht is a physician, designer and artist. In the last decade, Oskar used photography to record what inspired him for his collections. This image exercise helped to progress his personal art work.

Oskar Metsavaht. Born in 1961, Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Lives and work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Creator, art & style director of Osklen (www.osklen.com). He is also creative director of OM.art (www.om.art.br ), his art and special projects studio.

Medicine is his academic background. Self-taught designer, he developed his skills through practice in the creation of the brand Osklen, which is reference for its graphic iconography as well as for its stylistic elements of fashion, architecture, and interior design.

Oskar made his first individual exhibition, "Ipanema", during the Miami Art Basel, hosted by Sue Hostetler and Vik Muniz in 2011. He made individual exhibitions in the year of 2013 during BA PhotoArt, in the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires and in the Quintenz Gallery, in Aspen.

In 2014, he exhibited his work "In California" at Logo Gallery, in São Paulo. He also took part in the collective exhibition "Made by…Feito por Brasileiros", at Cidade Matarazzo in São Paulo with the work "Interfaces I – Man // Art // Nature", which was inspired after a creative immersion in Inhotim – the largest non-for-profit open air museum in the world who houses important collections of contemporary art, in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais.

In 2015, he presented his work "Interfaces II – Man // Cosmos // Forest" curated by Marc Pottier at the collective occupation "Ocupação Mauá", in Rio de Janeiro with the Arte Clube Jacaranda.

Last year, he had opened his first individual exhibition on a public museum, the Museu Histórico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, presenting "Cristo Redentor – Divina Geometria" ("Christ Redeemer – Divine Geometry), a large series with paintings, photographs and video art installations inspired by the architecture, art and spirituality of this world-wide symbol. This project was an invitation of the Archdiocese of the city of Rio de Janeiro with Unesco. Two artworks (a painting and a video installation) was selected to be part of the collection of MAR – Rio Art Museum and MHC – Rio`s Historic Museum.

This year, he exhibited "Ipanema" at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim – Rio de Janeiro, presenting through a series of paintings and photographs the lifestyle and the synergy between all the elements who represents this Brazilian neighborhood, and "Soundtrack" at MIS-SP – São Paulo's Image and Sound Museum, inspired in the movie who has the same title. The film is about a Brazilian artist that is given permission to visit a research station in an isolated, inhospitable freezing place where he will take several pictures and capture different sounds for an exhibition based on music. Oskar is the one who took those photos and materialized them in this exhibition.